Age 22


First Suzuki Concert

My family drove to Minneapolis to a large musical venue. I got on stage with a group of little kids and we took a bow (a proper 3- second bow, looking at your feet, with the violin in rest position). The audience clapped and we walked off the stage. 

I was so mad! I couldn't believe we didn't get to play any notes! Why would my parents make me ride all the way to Minneapolis, make me sit through an eternally long concert and I didn't even get to play a song! I felt insulted and embarrassed that the grownups didn't think I was good enough to do anything but bow. And a whole day had been wasted on an experience that left me upset.

Beethoven's head was standard decor in our living room.

Age 10

MMEA winner

Every year, winners of the Minnesota Music Educators Association performed in a concert at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). This was my first of three times winning. 

Buddy and Fluffy

Coton de Tulear

I met my first Coton de Tulear at Chautauqua Music Camp. My Viola teacher had brought his Coton de Tulear puppy from California. I had never felt such a soft fluffy dog before. Ever since then I wanted one. Ten years later, when I lived near a Coton breeder, I was able to get my first Coton, "Fluffy".

Photographer: Lindsey Stubinger