Lo Siento, No

Do I speak Spanish? I guess not.

After binge watching 2 seasons of "Money Heist" I thought I knew enough to write my first song in Spanish! After completing the entire song, it occurred to me that I should probably have someone check my lyrics. Turns out, my Spanish wasn't as good as I thought. I spent a few weeks trying to fix my grammatical errors, but decided to scrap the lyrics and leave it as an instrumental. The gist of my intended lyrics: being an adult has adult consequences, so don't ask me to do something that will just lead to trouble and regret. 


Will You Be My Friend?

Contrafact of "jamas me consare de ti"

When I listen to the radio, I keep track of things I like about the songs I hear; chord progressions, instrumentation, or rhythmic patterns. What I liked about the song "Jamas me consare a ti" by Juan Gabriel was the chord progression. So I took the chord progression and changed the melody. A song written using this method is called a "contrafact". Listen to what I heard on the radio with link below. Then see if you can hear the same chord changes in my song "Will You Be My Friend"!

Finger Paint

Melodic 12-tone

Schoenberg and Webern are 2 composers known for their 12- tone writing. In general, all 12 pitches must be used in a particular order before being repeated.

In this song, all 12 pitches are used in the melody but not in a strict order. The melody is then harmonized tonally. Best sounding 12-tone song ever... ? 



pic of my favorite t-shirt

One day I walked into my closet to get a clean t-shirt.  As I started digging through the clean pile of clothes on the floor, I sang out loud "I would like a t-shirt". "Hm," I said to myself, "that would be a good song!" So I went to my piano and sketched out this song. The shirt pictured on this album cover was my favorite t-shirt at the time. I had 3 of them, and it is the shirt I was looking for in my closet. I arranged the shirt and photographed it specifically for this album cover. And now you know I'm not good about hanging up my clothes and putting stuff away. 

Perfume on your skin

This song is in the key of D-flat major (6 flats). In order to make the violin and viola parts more resonant, I tuned the instruments down a half step, then played the music as if it were written in D major (two sharps).